Taylor Lewan Responds After Titans Staff Leave His Belongings In Trash Bags On His Porch: “Let’s Stop Overreacting”

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Taylor Lewan has a message for everybody rushing to defend him: Calm down.

The popular left tackle was released by the Tennessee Titans last week after 9 seasons, and Lewan caused quite a stir earlier this week when he posted a picture of his belongings that had been dropped off by the Titans in trash bags on his front porch.

Fans took to social media to bash the Titans and come to Lewan’s defense, claiming that he deserved better after spending nine years of his career with the organization and many calling the organization “classless” for dumping his belongings off on the porch like an ex-lover after a breakup.

But Lewan, who’s gained quite the group of supporters from his work co-hosting the popular Bussin’ With the Boys podcast, is coming to the defense of his former team.

In a video posted to his Twitter earlier today, Lewan said it wasn’t as bad as it looked – in fact it wasn’t bad at all – and that he actually asked the Titans to drop his stuff off for him.

“I asked them. I asked them to do it. Jeb Johnson, longtime cop, works for the Titans, I called him, said “Hey, I need you to drop that stuff off at my house, there’s stuff in it that I need, so please drop it off.”

So now he’s dropped it off. I posted, “Hey, thanks for doing it.”

Yeah it’s in trash bags. Who cares?

What does it need to be in, a horse-drawn chariot, a gold chariot that they ride up in and say “Hey, thanks for the last 9 years?”

Let’s stop overreacting.”

So there you have it. Unsurprisingly, the internet saw something and ran with it without knowing the full story. Taylor’s tweet wasn’t bashing the Titans, but simply a humorous “thank you” to the team for dropping his stuff off for him like he asked.

Taylor also went on to talk about how well the Titans have treated him, even shouting out the coach and GM who cut him:

“The Titans have treated me amazing. Even when they cut me it was an amazing deal. They let me choose when I was going to get cut.

[General Manager Ran Carthon] is amazing. [Coach Mike Vrabel] is awesome. Let’s not overreact boys. Let’s not overreact. It’s all good.”

The internet? Overreact? Never.

And personally I’m glad Taylor and the Titans ended things on good terms. He seems like a great dude, and I’m hoping we still see him in the stands chugging beer out of catfish at Nashville Predators games.

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A beer bottle on a dock