Marcus King Releases Stellar Acoustic Versions Of “Hard Working Man” & “Blood On The Tracks”

Marcus King country music

If you haven’t taken a listen to Marcus King’s Young Blood, now is a perfect time.

The Grammy-nominated singer and songwriter put out his second studio album in the fall of 2022, and it’s damn good. The songs take you through the emotions of overcoming addiction and depression in the most poetic way.

The rock n’ roll-inspired sounds also have heavy influences from blues and folk sounds, making it music most everyone can get down to.

Last week he released a stripped-down version of “Hard Working Man,” followed this week by “Blood On The Tracks.”

He is featured in a small living room style set up with Drew Smithers.

Marcus King is a master on the guitar and doesn’t hold back on these stripped-down versions. While these stripped-back versions miss the bass drum you can feel in your chest, it allows the listener to hear the tune’s words more intently, as well as King’s vocal talent to shine.

“Hard Working Man”

In his “Blood On The Tracks” acoustic, his counterpart plays a steel guitar, adding a classic twang to the originally bluesy-inspired track.

King is so in tune with the music as he sings the first chorus:

Standin’ in the rain, waitin’ on a trainI got a one way ticket, never turnin’ backRidin’ out the pain, burnin’ in my brainI’m gonna leave my sins in the pastLike blood on the tracks…”

It is addicting to watch.

These acoustic versions give us a look at the softer side of King, but he still demonstrates the grit that his fans know and love. Keep on keeping on Marcus King, we are eating it up.

“Blood On Tracks”

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