The Wait For Marcus King’s ‘Young Blood’ Is Finally Over

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Danny Cinch

Finally, the day has come that Marcus King released Young Blood with Easy Eye Sound.

Holy hell, to say I am in love with this album is a mild understatement.

The album tells a story of how he struggled with addiction and depression. Through each song, his carefully curated lyrics give the listener hope that there is light at the end of the tunnel despite the dark place you can find yourself in.

Once the album was finished, King shared a few thoughts on what he wanted to convey.

“I needed to bare my soul, I needed this record to be a mirror into what was going on inside me, the inner torment of being alone for the first time in so long, the come down from the substances and the company I kept to keep me from feeling so lonel.

‘Young Blood’ is a closing door to the chapter behind me. I used to be comfortable with the idea of burning out quickly, I was in a rush to say all that was on my heart before it was too late.

Now that I’ve found love in life and love in myself I’m learning to more slowly unpack past trauma, Learn from it, write about it and move forward.”

In a much better place in life than when the album was recorded, King is engaged, has been roaming around Italy with his fiancée, and is about to embark on a major tour in September.

He shared in a Billboard interview:

“I met a woman that I’ll be married to next year, she pulled me out of a really dark, really dark place.”

That just warms your heart.

On this album, you will hear King deep dive into his blues and rock-inspired sound. With heavy guitar chugs and base beating through your chest, you will be bobbing your head and grooving along.

Easy Eye sound released a series of super cool live versions of some of the tracks on the release day. No surprise, but they are amazing.

The whole album, from start to finish, is a must-listen, but here are my 5 standout tracks.

“It’s Too Late”

“Blood On The Tracks” 

“Dark Cloud”

“Rescue Me”

“Aim High”

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