Gray Whale Breaches Right By Swimmers In Cabo

Grey Whale

I get people go down to Mexico to have experiences, but this maybe be a bit too much for my taste.

A group of people were out on a boating “safari” in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico a few years ago and got to witness one of nature’s coolest sights up close and personal.

Maybe a bit too close…

Gray whales can grow up to 49 feet long and weight up to an astounding 90,000 pounds, but maybe even more impressive is their annual migration path. These giants of the sea swim 10,000 to 14,000 miles round trip each year in search of habitable waters and food to eat.

That’s nearly twice the average diameter of the planet.

There were already some swimmers to the left of the video when someone aboard noticed something big lurking on the right side.

So two women goggle up, jump in, and make their way towards where the creature was spotted.

Turns out, it wasn’t just one whale, but a family, mother, father and baby. Just seeing that alone would be incredible, but they were treated to a majestic display when the male decided to breach the surface.

Truly breathtakingly beautiful.

But I’ve seen enough videos where it doesn’t turn out so perfectly in the end which had me nervous the whole time they were floating out there.

All’s well that ends well, and this was certainly a crazy life experience, but the people in the boat had a pretty good view too.

It should also be noted that swimming with whales is illegal in this part of Mexico, and many other countries. Whale watching in Baja California Sur, Mexico, is only allowed from a boat.

It’s unclear if they spotted the whale and jumped in or were looking for other animals and the whales just happened to swim by, but just know, you can’t go to Mexico expecting to swim with whales… legally.

Kitesurfer Runs Into A Humpback Whale

There’s extreme, then there’s kiteboarding over a whale, extreme.

Kiteboarding is exactly what it sounds like. An adrenaline junkies game that involves a board and you holding onto a kite for dear life as it pulls you across the top of the water as fast as the wind will take you.

It is a pretty wild activity for thrill seekers that can lead to the opportunity to catch some air off of waves and has pretty low risk given you can bail into the water at any point. The only real risk involved is the possibility of hitting something unexpected coming out of the water.

Humpback whales are the one of the largest animals on our planet, weighing up to 40 tons and being 50 feet in length…

Massive would a huge understatement for this animal.

Naturally, a person doesn’t want to run into something that big and certainly doesn’t expect to either.

This kite boarder was out for a day of surfing off the coast of Crissy Field Beach, in San Francisco, California when the most unexpected thing happened.

He is seen enjoying the water and nice weather when out of nowhere he runs over top of a massive animal.

The man freaks out in excitement, as well as shock, when he realizes what just happened. He literally rode up a humpback whale like a ramp in the water.

And here’s the kicker, he’s never even seen a whale in his entire life… and just jumped off one.


A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock