Ernest Releases Beautiful Rendition Of “Unhang The Moon” For ‘Salvage Sessions’ Series

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This version just hits different…

After putting out his deluxe album FLOWER SHOPS (THE ALBUM): Two Dozen Roses this past Friday, Ernest is back with another installment of his Salvage Sessions series.

He performed a simple, stripped back rendition of “Unhang The Moon,” which was one of a few pre-released singles, and honestly, is one of my favorites on the whole 24-song tracklist.

Written by Ernest along with Grady Block, Brad Clawson and Jacob Durrett, the lyrics feature a really cool play on words, as now that this relationship has come to a bitter end, he wants to “unhang the moon” after trying to give this girl the world and make it work.

The whole album is actually full of some beautiful steel, and the lyrics on every song are of course super solid, with quite a few funny one-liners that show Ernest’s personality and make his music truly unique and separate him from most of his Nashville counterparts.

He just keeps putting out real country that is authentically who he is as both an artist and a person, and as a result, will continue to solidify his place as one of the best, most exciting up and comers in Music City.

Plus, hearing “Unhang The Moon” in this dark, late night setting gives it such a perfect, moody feel, and you should definitely check it out… you won’t be disappointed:

The studio cut:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock