Ernest’s “Wild Wild West” Exemplifies The True Country Sound Of His New Album, ‘Flower Shops (The Album): Two Dozen Roses’

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Flower Shops (The Album): Two Dozen Roses is here.

I’ve been really looking forward to this new Ernest project for a little while now and while I haven’t listened to the full thing yet, what I’ve heard so far is absolutely killer.

The songwriter turned artist fully committed to real country music, and coming from someone within the Nashville industry, it’s awesome to see.

The project features 13 new songs, some which have already been released, added to his 2022 album Flower Shops (The Album) and it’s not just country music by proxy.

The amount of steel guitar, quality songwriting, and lack of snap tracks just further proves that as a whole, country music is better than it’s been in years. 

One of the song titles that immediately jumped out to me was “Wild Wild West.”

Yes, Will Smith came to mind, but as soon as that steel hit, any ideas of this being some hick-hop went straight out the window.

It’s a beautiful love song with some great imagery alluding to the romantic nature of the West, and honestly it’s just a really, really, pretty sounding song.

“She’ll steal your heart in the dead of the night
And ride off into the desert
Palomino moonlight
She’s hotter than the barrel of a smoking gun
She’s a ghost-town dancer
Forever on the run

She’s my wild, wild west
Little hell on heels
Oh but she’s a neon angel when the red sun sets
And I got no way to know
Where we’ll go
Or what comes next
She’s my wild, wild west” 

Absolutely love what Ernest’s been doing.

Gonna pour some whiskey and listen to this record with my lady tonight… she’s gonna love it.

But that’s not all… there’s a TON of good country on this album:

“Anything But Sober”

“Done At A Bar”

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