Watch A Young Brent Cobb Sing The Hell Out Of “I’ve Been Known”

Brent Cobb country music

We are taking it back to 2013 with the great Brent Cobb performing “I’ve Been Known” at Wiregrass Studios in Georgia.

I went through a phase during my freshman year of college where I played this an unhealthy amount of times each week and almost forgot how much I loved this song till I found this video. And to this day, it’s still a song that I’m always down to scream at the top of my lungs until I have no voice.

A solo write by Cobb, the song was recorded by Josh Abbott Band for their 2015 album, Front Row Seat.

Shocking? No, Brent Cobb is a songwriting mastermind and is more than likely a writer on some of your favorite songs. He has cuts by Luke Combs, Miranda Lambert, Whiskey Myers, The Steel Woods, Riley Green, Charlie Worsham and more.

Back to the song…

The steel guitar in Cobb’s version is phenomenal and gives the stripped-down studio session an element to talk about.

The enthusiasm Cobb has performing his own tunes is unmatched. He is upbeat and sings each word with intention. You can feel how in tune with the music he is as he sings:

“Like I’ve been known to get drunkRide around in a pickup, but I don’t condone a DUIAnd I’ve been known to give my heart awaySeems like yesterday I gave you mine…”

Finding this old video of Cobb performing “I’ve Been Known” just re-opened my obsession with the tune… and I’m not mad about it.

And the Josh Abbott version:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock