Couple Of Dudes Pop A Top With A Friendly Moose On Canadian Road

Moose beers

That’s one the boys will remember forever…

Many people will put on miles looking for these beautiful creatures. But, it’s hard not to love one of the largest animals that roams North America.

Moose are the largest member of the deer family. Bulls often weigh over 1000-pounds and cows average around 600 pounds. They stand up to 6 feet tall at the shoulder and can reach lengths of up to 8 feet from nose to tail.

These are large and impressive animals that are able to withstand the wild and in do it in some pretty harsh conditions.

Having interactions with moose are usually either very aggressive or very nice. Naturally, moose don’t like humans and close interactions can lead to aggression in certain situations. Especially when you encounter a protective mother with her calf.

Generally, if a moose doesn’t run away or become somewhat aggressive there should probably be some level of concern for the animal.

One of the biggest threats these moose face is the brainworm parasite. Brainworm is a parasitic roundworm that affects the brain and spinal cord of moose, causing serious problems and eventually death.

The parasite is carried by white-tailed deer, which are the primary hosts of the parasite. When cow moose feed on plants that have been contaminated by deer feces, they can become infected with brainworm.

This causes them to eventual loose many natural instincts and not be afraid of people or even stop eating.

Close interactions like this are usually a sign of it, although there could be some other issue at play. Perhaps this moose has has a number of encounters similar to this, and is used to human interaction. Which would also be bad for the moose… its instinct to run from predators is what keeps it alive in the wild.

Nevertheless, these blue collar boys were out for in the woods in Charlotte County, New Brunswick, when they came across a young cow moose.

The moose clearly is not acting normal as they banter on and wave their beers at it seemingly giving it commands to come. At one point, the cow even follows the man up and down the road.

The men are seen rambling on and petting the moose who seems to enjoy the company.

That’s certainly an encounter most people don’t expect to have, I just hope the moose is okay… it can’t be a good sign to be that friendly.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock