Texas Raccoon Fights Off Pack Of Coyotes After Being Completely Surrounded

Raccoon coyote

Sometimes the underdog takes the victory.

A trail cam captured a scene that had all the makings of an absolute slaughter a few years ago in San Angelo, Texas.

The video starts with three raccoons minding their own business one night, probably looking for insects to eat, when seemingly out of no where a prowling pack of coyotes makes a move.

Two of the raccoons are able to escape, but a very unfortunate third doesn’t run while it has the chance and ends up completely circled by four hungry canines.

While we know raccoons put up a ferocious fight, just ask this lady from Ohio, we are probably more familiar with coyotes ability to take down much larger creatures, especially when working as a team.

A few of the wild canines start moving in, sneaking up practically unnoticed due to the complete darkness and nipping at what they’re hoping will soon be a midnight snack.

But something strange starts happening…

Each time a coyote gets close, the raccoon snaps at it, claws at it, growls at it, anything it takes to buy a few extra seconds of life. It ends up scurrying behind a bush, and while we can’t see exactly how it does it, it keeps forcing the predators away, eventually scaring them to the point of retreat.

Not at all what I thought I was about to see…

You know the old saying. It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog.

I guess that holds true for trash pandas as well.

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