Kansas Game Warden Shoots The Antlers Off Buck That Was Tangled Up With Dead Buck

Kansas Game warden

Bold strategy cotton… and it paid off.

According to Field & Stream, Kansas game warden Ryan Twellman was called to a farm near Rantoul, where he came across a wild scene…

Two whitetail bucks that had gotten their antlers locked together during a fight.

Once he arrived, he noticed that one was already dead, but the other was still alive, trying its best to untangle itself.

Twellman told the outlet:

“The dead deer was only half a deer. Both of its hindquarters had been scavenged by coyotes.”

When Twellman approached the alive buck, it attempted to flee, but the dead buck had gotten caught up in a barbed wire fence.

He said that was when he tried to free the buck in the best way he could. And by best way, I mean shooting off its antlers:

“That’s what allowed me to get close enough to take the shot. I was as surprised as anyone that it actually worked.”

From 15 yards away, Twellman fired a shot, and perfectly connected with the buck’s main beam.

He admitted he was afraid he was gonna miss the antlers, and accidentally shoot the buck in the head:

“I was worried I was going to brain the live deer, and it would end up all over Facebook.”

Nevertheless, Twellman was successful, and the buck was able to run off freely.

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