Luke Combs Shares Powerful Unreleased Song About Overcoming Alcoholism, “Joe”

Luke Combs country music

Last year, Luke Combs brought the goosebumps to the Grand Ole Opry.

Sure, he played some fan favorites like “Beautiful Crazy” and the rest, but he kicked off this particular visit to country music’s hallowed ground with a brand new one titled, “Joe.”

Co-written alongside Erik Dylan and James Slater, “Joe” chronicles the redemptive story of a man who battled alcoholism, and found the light “at the end of the bottle.”

“Seeing as I haven’t played in so long, I figured I would do a brand song for you guys tonight.

My buddy Erik Dylan showed up at my house the other day and he played me a song, a while ago that he had started with a guy named James Slater, and I just thought it was real awesome and we finished it together.

I guess the title of this song would be called “Joe” so just hear me out and tell me what you think.”

Of course, we were all hoping at the time that it would make his next studio album, however, Growin’ Up came and went, and wasn’t part of the tracklist.

Although, is the fact that Luke is sharing it again mean we could see it on the Growin’ Up deluxe album? Fingers crossed…

Here’s a snippet from the first verse:

“I got a job and my name’s Joe
Spend my days at the Texaco
Never show up late
Never show up drunk
When I get half lit I’m a loaded gun
Made a couple wrong turns
Did county time
I do everything I can to stay between the lines.”

Good stuff.

And believe me, the irony of Luke wearing a Miller Geniune Draft hat while singing a song about an alcoholic named Joe isn’t lost on me.

Either way, I just hope we can get a studio version of this one someday.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock