Woman Sprays Black Bear & Then Has A Meltdown When It Turns Around & Mauls Her Kayak

Bea kayak

That’s a curveball in a kayaking trip…

Alaska is the place were the wild seems to be the textbook definition. Every where you look there is an amazing animal, scenery and there’s always something wild happening.

A state that is vastly untouched in a world where everything else seems to be.

On average, adult males can weigh anywhere from 200 to 600 pounds. Black bears in Alaska are known to be some of the largest black bears in North America, with some known reaching over 800 pounds.

Despite their size, black bears are generally not aggressive towards humans and attacks are relatively rare. But, it can happen. Many of these bears aren’t used to seeing humans and they tend to be a bit at times.

This woman was on a kayak trip through the Alaskan coast when she stopped at a cabin for some rest. After dropping of her gear inside she came out to be met by a black bear.

She is doing everything right to be “bear aware” as she has bear spray on hand and is making lots of noise. She ends up using the bear spray to deter the bear from coming any closer.

But, that just angers the bear.

It turns around and ends up mauling the woman’s sea kayak as she pleads for it to stop…. and when I say plead, I mean, she hilarious cries and begs for the bear to stop eating her ride home.

As it turns out it ruined her trip as she put in the video description:

“This video is taken 5 minutes after the attack began, he continued to gnaw on it for another 5 or 10 after the video ends.

Shortly after the bear left and I drug the kayak back to the cabin door step. Then I swam to the S/V anchored in the bay. They did not have their radio on and I feared I would be stranded.

The German flagged S/V Caledonia took me and my things to Wrangell but headed home to Ketchikan on the ferry Monday”

Stranded in bear country is less than ideal.

Nevertheless, she might have the most annoying voice in planet Earth.

What a wild place.

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A beer bottle on a dock