California Mother Saves Five-Year-Old Son From Horrifying Mountain Lion Attack

Boy Mountain lion

A mother’s worse nightmare.

On Tuesday night, January 30th, a young boy, Jack, was on a hike in rural California with his mother and grandfather when a mountain lion ferociously attacked him.

The unprovoked attack occurred on their farmland in San Mateo County.

Local California Wildlife and Fishing officials suspect the mountain lion, which appeared to be a cub, appeared pushing the boy to the ground and began to bite at his face.

A family membered noted that if it was not for his mother stepping in and pulling the mountain lion away from Jack, he possibly could have died.

Witnesses said the lion was biting the boy the whole time his mother was prying the animal away.

Eventually, the lion fled the scene.

Amie Wagner, the boy’s Aunt, shared with KTVU:

“That mountain lion picked the wrong kid and mama to mess with.

Jack has many lacerations, especially on his precious face, in addition to a fracture near one eye. He is covered in cuts, bruises, and scratches, but his spirit remains intact.

I am not surprised that if there was a kid who could wrestle a mountain lion and come out on top, it would be Jack.” 

Wildlife officials have taken DNA samples from the boy’s clothing to find the mountain lion responsible for the attack.

If located, it will be removed from the wild.

As for Jack, he is recovering under the care of medical professionals.

A Go Fund Me has been started to help pay for medical treatment which includes bruises, puncture wounds, lacerations and a fracture near his eye.

“They are a hard-working, amazing family, dedicating their life’s work to running a program for the area’s homeless population on the farm, in addition to a program that serves underprivileged students.

Now it is their turn to be on the receiving end of the kindness and compassion that they are normally giving.”

Thank god for a mother’s instinct.

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