Eagles Fans Fall Through Bus Stop While Celebrating NFC Championship Win In Philadelphia



There are two NFL fanbases who were absolutely losing their minds last night, and they belong to the Philadelphia Eagles, and the Kansas City Chiefs, as both teams punched their tickets to the Super Bowl after their wins yesterday.

Now there’s one thing for certain about Eagles fans, and it’s that they are one of the most rabid and ruthless fanbases in all of the NFL, and basically have been ever since the team existed.

I mean hell, they were throwing eggs at 49ers fans yesterday:

And they also trolled the hell out of Joey Bosa, the brother of 49ers defensive end Nick Bosa, who was there to watch his brother play.

He got hilariously triggered… it was awesome:

So, as you can imagine, things got rowdy last night in Philly after the Eagles defeated the 49ers 31-7, birthing their first Super Bowl appearance since 2018.

In fact, things got so rowdy, that there were some people who left the celebration with injury.

Video footage has surfaced of a number of Eagles fans climbing on top of a SEPTA Bus Stop in Philly, and needless to say, it doesn’t end well, as the roof of the bus stop completely collapses, sending a number of Eagles fans crashing to the ground.

You can hear people in the background say:

“Oh my God.”


“I told you.”

Prior to the Eagles’ win, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney shared a polite warning to fans across the city, saying:

“As a lifelong Philadelphian and the Mayor of this great city I am thrilled to see fans of all ages and from every neighborhood celebrating side by side, full of pride and excitement.

This is a wonderful night and I ask Philadelphians to celebrate joyously, safely, and respectfully.”

So, let this be a fair warning to NFL fans across the country…

If your team wins a big game and you decide to celebrate. DO NOT hop on top of a bus stop.

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