Eagles Fans Get Under Joey Bosa’s Skin Ahead Of NFC Championship Game: “I’m F*cking Rich You Broke B*tch”

Joey Bosa

Philly’s best…

Everybody knows that sports fans in Philadelphia are relentless, obnoxious, trolls that talk more shit than any other city in the entire country… even though the cities has only won two rings in the past 40 years.

Everybody also knows that Chargers linebacker Joey Bosa is kind of an ass clown… AKA an easy target.

He got the signature Philly scumbag welcome on the way into Lincoln Financial Field today, in attendance to root on his brother Nick who plays for the San Francisco 49ers.

And he did not take too kindly to the chirps.

Donning sweatpants, a ponytail and sipping on a Bud Light Seltzer, hearing, “when do the Chargers play this week?” was enough to set him off:

“Are you Snapchatting your little butt buddies, you f*cking loser?”

When asked how the fines are treating him, he replied:

“They’re good because I can afford them… because I’m f*cking rich you broke bitch.”

OOF… probably not a good look for Bosa.

I mean, can’t you just ignore these clowns?

And speaking of fines, he might incur another one for that first comments. Pretty sure an insult like that is frowned upon these days.

Nevertheless, the reactions were pretty mixed with an equal amount of fans who hate both Philly… and the Bosa brothers.

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A beer bottle on a dock