Texas Barn Owl Defends Nest From Intruding Snake

Barn owl

The wild is a cruel and unforgiving place.

These animals don’t care what it is or how old, they just want their next meal.

Like many predators, not much will try to go after an owl. In most cases they have an advantage through their ability to fly. Unless that owl is a baby, this is the one time these fierce predators have to protect and fight constantly.

Barn owls are a type of owl species that are known for their distinctive heart-shaped face, ghostly white plumage, and silent flight. They are found throughout the world and are known for their hunting abilities and unique vocalizations.

Barn owls are known for their exceptional hunting abilities, they can spot prey from a distance and fly silently to catch it. They have sensitive hearing and can locate prey by sound alone. They are also able to fly in complete darkness, which allows them to hunt at night

These owls lay 4 to 7 eggs on average, when the young hatch they are just a few inches in size. This leaves them extremely vulnerable to prey.

This snake must have wanted some pay back from owls eating them. He is seen making his way into the nest box that the barn owl is in with its babies.

The snake drops into the opening and the barn owl loses it. Immediately it puts up its talons and is prepared for a fight.

The snake never stood a chance and gets thrashed around before falling off the nest box.

You just can’t win against a mother’s protective love.

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