RodeoHouston 2019: George Strait’s Grandson, Harvey, Steals The Show During “God & Country Music”

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RodeoHouston 2023 kicks off on February 28th with Parker McCollum taking the stage, but let’s not forget about this heartfelt moment thanks to King George.

Time to take it back to 2019 and a record-setting performance at NRG Stadium where George Strait capped off RodeoHouston in front of over 80,000 country music fans, but not without some help from a special guest.

One of unquestionable highlights of the night, George invited his young grandson Harvey on stage to join him for a knockout performance of “God & Country Music.”

Much like the studio recording, Harvey comes in at the end and absolutely steals the show.

RodeoHouston 2023 runs from February 28th through March 19th. Performers include Parker McCollum, Brooks & Dunn, Chris Stapleton, Jon Pardi, Turnpike Troubadours, Cody Jinks, Cody Johnson, Ashley McBryde, and plenty more.

And of course, the studio version:

Remember When George Strait & Jamey Johnson Called Out Country Radio With “Kicked Outta Country”?

Nowadays, it’s almost become trendy to call out the powers that be in country music.

I said almost…

Whether it’s Kelly Clarkson’s rant about the state of country music, Tyler Childers’ rejection of the term “Americana” for traditional country artists that the radio won’t play, or the dozens of artists addressing the lack of women on country radio, it’s no secret that country music as a whole has had its ass held to the fire early and often in the past few years.

Not nearly as early, and definitely not as often, as it should be, but hey, it’s a start…

But remember back in 2016, it was the great George Strait and the great Jamey Johnson that collaborated on an unapologetic “F you” to country radio with “Kicked Outta Country.”

“I just got the news today,
The record I sent them: they threw it away
It don’t fit the format, don’t make the list
They say I’m too old, won’t even be missed

Well, It don’t really matter, ’cause I ain’t gonna change
‘Cause getting kicked outta country, won’t hurt a thing.”

There was also this line in the song about  how “one day country came calling again,” just like it did for the legends of the past, and well… with the release of George’s Honky Tonk Time Machine album, which at one point the best selling album of 2019, along with a Top 20 single at country radio, it looks like King George got the last laugh now that country came calling again.

One more time with that chorus again…

“Well, It don’t really matter, ’cause I ain’t gonna change
‘Cause getting kicked outta country, won’t hurt a thing.”

Didn’t hurt a DAMN thing.

Long live the King.

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