Iowa Reminds Drivers That Deer Can’t Read After Public Demands Crossing Signs Be Moved To Safer Locations

Deer crossing

You can’t make this up.

If you grew up in the country, or anywhere with an abundant population of deer, you’ve undoubtedly had to deal with the fear of smashing into one on the road.

In rural parts of the country, it’s just a way of life. If not you yourself, a family member, or somebody you know has hit a deer, most likely resulting in some serious damage to their car.

Of course, we’ve all see those bright yellow signs on the road, warning drivers of the increased potential for deer encounters on that particular stretch of road. Long story short, put those bright on and keep your head on swivel… and maybe even slow down.

Although for some folks in Iowa, they didn’t quite get the memo.

Don’t get me wrong, they saw the deer crossing signs, they just thought they were for… the DEER.

I know, I know… this sounds like some fake news, internet prank, but it’s a completely true story.

Apparently, the Iowa Department of Transportation felt the need to publicly remind the good people of Iowa a few years back, and explain to them that the deer crossing signs are for the drivers, not for the deer. The department felt compelled to respond when they received numerous complaints that the state should move the deer crossing to a “safer location.”

The notice read:

“Deer can’t read signs. Drivers can. This sign isn’t intended to tell deer where to cross, it’s for drivers to be alert that deer have been in this area in the past.”

According to the Des Moines Register, there were 7,163 crashes reported to law enforcement across the state of Iowa in 2016, and Iowa drivers have a 1 in 69 chance of hitting a deer…. the fourth-highest in the country.

Tyler Harms, a wildlife biometrician with the Iowa Department of Natural Resources, says:

“They’re moving out of areas of cover to areas where they can feed. They might not have to go very far from cover to food, but in other cases they may have to travel longer distances in order to satisfy those needs.

Be sure you’re vigilant and alert when you’re driving, and that will be helpful… Don’t veer for deer.”

Sheesh… I’m shaking my damn head…

C’mon Iowa, be better.

Iowa Trail Cam Captures Bobcat Defending Deer Carcass From Coyote

The age old tail of cat versus dog…

It’s no secret that canines and felines don’t exactly get along. Of course, there’s the exceptions that melt everyone’s heart when they go viral, but for the most part you don’t want to mix your German Shepherds and American Shorthairs.

And while all animals in the wild have at least some aversion to each other, it seems this rivalry is even more present in the great outdoor, as proved by this trail cam video captured in Iowa.

According to a comment left by the poster, the deer carcass was roadkill and the camera was set up to try and capture some cool videos… and boy did they hit the jackpot.

The bobcat finds the deer first and seemed to have been enjoying its meal when a noise from behind spooks it. That’s where the video starts.

The coyote appears from the left side of the screen, trying to be sneaky but the cats senses are way too good for that and it immediately starts playing defense, trying to stay between the unwanted visitor and its dinner.

The coyote is nervous, jumping back and forth, seemingly wanting to scare the bobcat off rather than get in a real fight. Eventually the bobcat has enough and runs the skittish coyote off for a bit. He does return, but by that point it’s clear the bobcat knows who the dominant one is and seems rather unfazed by any potential threat the coyote poses.

The video cuts off, but I think we’ve seen enough to determine who ate well and who went hungry that night…

Score one for the felines.

Bobcat Takes Out Baby Alligator, Blows Florida Bro’s Mind

I don’t get how some people don’t love Florida…

Best beaches in the country, great seafood, tons of nightlife, incredible weather, major sports teams, and the absolute coolest wildlife of any state, hands down.

Sure, you may have to avoid the methed-out homeless guys on street corners and keep your dogs away from ponds because there’s pretty much guaranteed to be a hungry alligator in there, but hey, every place has its downsides, right?

I lived there for 4 years, trust me, it’s everything you think it is and more. Incredible state.

Back to the coolest wildlife.

Everyone knows there’s a ton of alligators down south, but Florida is also home to around 1 million bobcats, meaning there’s way more around then you’d think.

They mainly eat small game and rodents, but every now and again, when the opportunity presents itself, they aren’t afraid to switch it up and grab something new.

A certified Florida Bro in Port Charlotte, Florida, captured one of these occasions while taking a break from video games to grab a mango, when he looked out in his backyard and saw a bobcat coming very close to the house. He realized it was after something specific, turned the camera on, and gave us some of the funniest commentary you’ll hear a nature video set too.

Make sure you have the volume up for this one, it’s a good time.

The gator goes out on his sword, really taking it to the cat the best he can, but he’s no match for the bobcat at such a young age. Just a few years later and the bobcat would have been a snack for him, but this time it was the other way around.

Stay wild, Florida, stay wild.

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