Summer Pardi Stuns In Nude Maternity Pose One Month Before Her Due Date

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Jon Pardi’s wife is taking baby bump photos to a whole new (and gorgeous) level.

In the era of female empowerment, Summer is baring it all in a recent maternity shot that highlights the strength of women, particularly in their ability to grow entire humans.

The photo, posted to her social media earlier today, features Summer in a Roman-esque style bathhouse tub, standing under a waterfall shower, disrobed. And might I add that the deep greens and blue tones of the photo highlight her so nicely, making her 8-month-pregnant physique look next-level beautiful.

Summer gushed over the pregnancy and what it has meant to her as she looked towards the end of her term, sharing that pregnancy is an experience she:

“Will never get over… and how wildly magical the female body is.”

‘Mrs. Saturday Night’ has not shied away from sharing stunning photos throughout her pregnancy, often highlighting the experience with exquisite bump photos.

Presley Fawn Pardi is expected to arrive next month, and the couple look tickled pink with excitement for this new addition.

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