Blaine Gabbert Tells His Story Of Saving 4 People From A Helicopter Crash On His Jet Ski: “Right Place, Right Time”

Blaine gabbert

Incase ya haven’t heard, Tampa Bay Buccaneers backup quarterback Blaine Gabbert was one of the first bystanders to help out the people involved in a helicopter crash in the water near Peter O. Knight Airport in Tampa, Florida.

He arrived to the scene on a jet ski to find the helicopter submerged in the water, and luckily enough, none of the four inside were injured.

With that being said Gabbert weighed in on the wild scene, and how he found himself in the position to help the family of three and the pilot from the helicopter in a press conference today:

“So the story as I remember it, we were on the jet skis yesterday afternoon. It was me, my middle brother Tyler and my younger brother Brett, and they just got in town yesterday from St. Louis so I said ‘Alright, let’s go poke around a bit on a warm December afternoon.’

So we left our house, and went around the south side of Davis Island, and I wanted to show Brett the yacht club, since he owned sailboats and what not, so we kind of poked around in there, and I vaguely remember hearing a faint noise, and so we turned around, left the yacht club, and I just remember looking to the west, and seeing, it almost looked like a crew boat in the water that had broken up into about four pieces, and I vaguely remember seeing like two yellow life jackets, so I was like alright we gotta go check this out.

It looked like they were in duress. We raced over there, the youngest kid had just came up and said he was pinned in there, and I asked if anybody else is trapped. And then I called 911, tried to remain as calm as possible, but you know, it all turned positive.

They were healthy, scared, nervous, but you know it was just a pretty crappy situation that turned good in the end. So, I was just right place, right time I guess. The credit really goes out to Tampa PD. You guys, the fire department, the sheriff’s department, because they were there within five seconds.

It was pretty remarkable, and we got ’em. I got two on my jet ski, one on my brother’s one. The pilot was still in the water, and that was when you guys pulled up.

I dragged them a little bit towards the boat, and luckily enough we were about 250 meters from the beach. The fire department was there, and the rest is history.”

Yeah, I’d say “right place at the right time” is the best way to put it, because there’s no telling how much longer it would’ve taken for the four people to receive help.

MUCH respect.

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