Muscadine Bloodline Tease Unreleased Song “Pocketful of ’90s Country” & Fans Give It A Quick Seal Of Approval

Muscadine Bloodline country music

Muscadine Bloodline has a little late Christmas gift for listeners.

Released on social media yesterday, the two debuted a little teaser from an unreleased song titled “Pocketful of ’90s Country” and it already sounds like a hit to add to their list:

“This song’s called ‘Pocketful of 90’s Country Songs,’ tell us what you think…”

The duo only released a half minute snippet of the song to get some fan feedback, but it featured some pretty dynamite lyrics all about the traditional country sound and the downfall of country radio as the top tier of music:

“Country ain’t what country was but it comes back around
It’s a five-beat band from Dixieland, it’s coming to your town…

And a lot of folks like me done gave up on the radio,
They been wearin’ out the CDs of the solid country gold…”

Fans were quick to tune in and give the song a thumbs up of approval, and even some fellow artists like Kameron Marlowe commented their two cents, giving the duo a “Hell Yeah” comment. Listeners also pointed out that the song sounded a bit like Garth Brooks, while others were already planning a creative two-step line dance for the beat.

With a new year on the horizon, it’s fun to speculate about all the good potential country music releases we may be in for in the coming 365.

And this Muscadine Bloodline track could definitely be one of them.

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