Muscadine Bloodline’s “Porch Swing Angel” Certified Gold

Muscadine Bloodline country music

Goin’ Gold.

I’ll never forget hanging out at a party back freshman year of college, and around 3 or 4 am when there was only about four of us still standing, my buddy played a song called “Porch Swing Angel” by a band I’d never heard of that time, named Muscadine Bloodline.

I just remember the song being an absolute breath of fresh air, considering country music was plagued with electronic beats and overproduction.

The harmonies were so good, and everybody in that room had a feeling that there were great things in store for this group.

I mean c’mon, this chorus will get you every time:

“And be my porch swing angelGot my heart strings tangledGot those eyes that will bring you to your kneesIt’s her smile like SundaysBeen a while but one dayYeah, that girl, she’s the only thing I need..”

Give it a little bit of time, and sure enough “Porch Swing Angel” blew up for the group, and now they’re one of the best groups in not only independent country music, but country music as a whole.

But speaking of “Porch Swing Angel,” it appears that Muscadine Bloodline is finally reaping the benefits of their success, as they just announced via Instagram that the song has gone RIAA Certified Gold.

They shared their excitement in the caption:

“Never thought in a million years we would ever hold one of these. Big day for the home team. We owe this all to y’all. The words thank you will never be enough.”

Ya gotta love it.

And if you’ve never heard the song before, do yourself a favor:

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