Relive The Moment That Earned Rip’s Loyalty To John Dutton In Latest ‘Yellowstone’ Episode

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This past Sunday, Yellowstone season five, episode seven dropped, and things are officially beginning to heat up this season.

There’s two things I love about this season:

1. It appears that Taylor Sheridan is making an effort to feature more live performances from artists whose music has been featured on the show in the past, like Shane Smith & the Saints, Lainey Wilson, and most recently, Zach Bryan, who performed “Motorcycle Drive By” and more, off his Summertime Blues EP.

2. We’re getting a lot more flashbacks to the Dutton family’s past, with a much younger John Dutton (Josh Lucas), Rip, Beth, and even Lloyd.

Sidenote: Can we get Josh Lucas in his own Yellowstone spinoff? Please…

Needless to say, it’s been pretty cool watching Beth and Rip’s relationship begin to blossom when they were teenagers.

With that being said, in episode seven, we saw young Rip whoop fellow ranch hand Rowdy’s ass for disrespecting Beth. Once Rowdy pulled out a knife and came at Rip, he threw a rock, severely injuring him, and he ultimately ends up dying.

Now, Yellowstone is giving us a chance to re-live the scene, where Rip knocks on John’s door and tells him that Rowdy is hurt bad.

Although, Rowdy initially told him to tell John that he got trampled by a horse, John always told Rip to never lie to him, so he stayed true to his promise and told John that he was the reason why Rowdy was hurt so bad.

Sure enough, they go back to help him out, and Rowdy had already passed away.

John and the ranch hands essentially cover for young Rip, and take Rowdy’s body to the train station, but that move brings Rip into the fold, and we now know why Rip is so loyal to John Dutton.

Check it out:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock