Idaho Skier Carries Deer Down The Mountain After Deadly Collision At Sun Valley

deer skier

Well, this was an unforgettable day on the slopes.

Typically, when you go skiing or snowboarding, it’s simply a day full of adrenaline, crushing some lift sodas with your buddies, laughing your ass off at each other when one wipes out, and if you’re lucky, finding some fresh powder.

But this right here?

It’s a first for me.

Professional skiers Karl Fostvedt and Wing Tai Barrymore were skiing at Sun Valley, Idaho with their buddy Harlan, when a deer ran out right in front of Harlan, and they collided, ultimately killing the deer.

Harlan, luckily enough, was able to walk away uninjured.

However, the next move might’ve been the coolest of them all.

He proceeded to take the deer and put it over his shoulders, and he skied it down the mountain, and off the slopes so it wouldn’t be a hazard to anybody else skiing. He turned it over to ski patrol, however it seems like they told him he could keep it (Idaho makes it pretty easy to collect roadkill).

The original caption to the post dating back to last year (it’s going viral again right now) read:

“Still can’t believe Harlan hit a deer while skiing at Sun Valley last weekend. Harlan was watching a couple other deer run across the slope when this little guy popped out of nowhere right in front of him. Harlan said he heard the deer’s neck snap as they collided.

Talk about a super sad sequence of events. Thankfully Harlan is a beast and was able to walk/ski way from the collision.”

Needless to say, the situation could’ve been much worse, and as unfortunate as it is that the deer didn’t make it, it’s great to see that Harlan was able to walk way unscathed.

And according to Barrymore, every bit of the deer was harvested for the meat.

Glad to see that poor deer didn’t go to waste:

Check it out:

Here’s the original post from Harlan:

“Man, what a crazy accident! Feeling super lucky to ski away from it. (Except being incredibly sore for two days.) Super sad to watch this guy die in front of us, but his life is being celebrated Apples Bar & Grill this Dec 3rd at 6:30pm with some skiers stew.

Hopefully it’s the sacrifice and party we need to bring on some snow! Cheers to everyone for being so appreciative and understanding for the way I handled this wild situation.”

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