Liver King’s Chef Gets Destroyed For Disturbing “Frankenstein” Meal He Created

liver king chef

I’m not sure if there’s a more hated guy on the internet than Liver King right now.

For those who aren’t familiar, Liver King is the fitness social media influencer who has preached this ancestral way of life, consisting of intense workouts and eating raw meats and organs.

However, Derek from the YouTube channel More Plates More Dates exposed emails from Liver King, aka Brian Johnson, listing the types of steroids he uses.

Sure enough, the guy was just juicin’ this whole time and he’s not natural at all, and his “ancestral way of life” is just a scam, especially considering he makes about $100 million off of this philosophy.

Liver King has since come out with an “apology” video, which Joe Rogan and Derek absolutely flamed on Rogan’s podcast for looking completely fake, and it appears that ol’ Liver King’s reign is no more.

But speaking of ol’ LK, his chef posted a pretty alarming picture to his Instagram back before Halloween, that’s getting a ton of attention now for all the wrong reasons…

He posted:

“It’s Spooky Season so you know I had to do something outrageous for Halloween.

What did yall think of the Frankenstein inspired dinner?”

Yeah, I’ll just let you look for yourself, as long as you don’t have a weak stomach:

Needless to say, Liver King’s chef got absolutely blasted in the comments, with comments like:

“This is not ok”

“Yeah I’d say this where you officially begin to fall off phase of your brands guerilla marketing.”

“Wtf?! This is madness”

“Disrespectful to the animal that gave its life so that we may have food. A silent prayer of respect and gratitude should be in order at every transition process. I love 99% of your content but this is not OK. Maybe re-evaluate this.”

“When you’re so intent on ‘can I do it?’ that you forget to ask ‘should I do it?'”

“In what country is consuming cats legal bro? You’ve got a screw loose”

“few weeks late to the party, but I want to remind everyone that this sucks”

And there’s literally zero positive comments throughout the whole post.

The hole keeps getting deeper and deeper for Liver King and his crew.

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