Joe Rogan Laughs His A** Off Watching Liver King’s Apology: “That Was So Theatrical & So Corny”

Joe Rogan liver king

Last week, a man by the name of Derek from the YouTube channel More Pilates More Dates shocked (ok, maybe not shocked) the world when he exposed an email sent by Liver King, sharing all of the steroids he takes.

If you aren’t too familiar with Liver King, he’s a social media influencer who endorses the ancestral way of life, which revolves around intense workouts, and eating raw meats and organs in order to get absolutely shredded like him.

Over time, there have been several skeptics that weren’t buying that Liver King’s body was natural, including Joe Rogan, who hilariously said on his podcast:

“He’s got an ass filled with steroids, is what he’s got… that is not a natural body.”

Since he was exposed, Liver King, whose real name is Brian Johnson, admitted in a YouTube video that he has indeed been taking steroids, but said he was just trying to be an inspiration to guys with little motivation, depression, self-esteem, etc… and combat male suicide.

Nevertheless, it’s still shame on this guy for preaching this “way of life” that he swore would eventually result in looking like himself one day. There are probably a number of people out there who have been eating bull testicles just because Liver King said so, and they’re not jacked.

Needless to say, tons of people have laughed at this whole situation and mocked Liver King for being a phony, and one of those people?

Joe Rogan, once again.

On Rogan’s recent podcast, he brought on Derek from More Pilates More Dates, and they decided to play the clip of Liver King’s apology.

I’ll go ahead and say it… there isn’t much talking, but the two can’t help but laugh their absolute asses off while watching Ol’ Brian Johnson try to act apologetic.

After Mr. King’s rant about “why he does what he does,” Rogan says:

“‘Your highest and most dominant form?’ What? He wanted everybody that’s depressed and trying to kill themselves to reach their highest most dominant form, but… he wanted to lie about how he achieved his physique.  s

So mislead these people that just by eating liver, you can come close to that, so as you fail at that as well, it’s everything else you failed in life that led you doing something to yourself to commit suicide.

Sometimes people don’t hang out with people that are smarter than them. And you think you’re the smartest person, because he’s running this company, you know people have to listen to him. So he’s got this distorted perception of his ability to communicate, and his ability to convince people. Like that was so theatrical and so corny.”

Rogan then said that Liver King has been trying to get on the podcast, and he responded:

“For what? For what? Say that more? Like c’mon this is just dumb man. You ran a con game and got busted.

And it’s unfortunate you feel terrible, I’m sorry you feel bad. Because that’s just what happens when you get caught lying. But he didn’t have to lie.”

Needless to say, ol’ Joe was right all along.


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