Hailey Whitters’ Bluesy Cover Of Chris Stapleton’s “The Devil Always Made Me Thing Twice” Is Extremely Underrated

Hailey Whitters country music

There is nothing quite like rediscovering a song on an album you love.

The most recent song I’ve re-fallen in love with is from Hailey Whitters’ 2020 album, The Dream. A tune we all know and love, a cover of Chris Stapleton’s “The Devil Always Made Me Think Twice.”

The original guitar riff and the twang-heavy song is a constant in my Chris Stapleton rotation.

The way to the song starts out low and mellow and then kicks into gear after the first chorus is addicting, along with the catchy guitar riff that will be stuck in your head for days. The lyrics put a great spin on love and temptation, and with Stapleton as one of the co-writers for the track, it’s no surprise that it’s this good.

Hailey Whitters does a damn good job on her cover of this track. When The Dreadropped, Whitters was kicking off her career, but ultimately became the album that made Whitters a household name.

With singles like “Ten Year Town,” listeners saw how talented Whitters was. Then as the listener gets through the album, they stumble upon a familiar tune with a twist.

Enters “The Devil Always Made Me Thing Twice.”

Whitters adds a silky smooth blues element to the tune that is addicting to the ears.

The guitar riffs are toned down, and the base drum is kicked up. Whitters sings the lyrics so casually yet perfectly, and she draws out the last word on all the lines to leave the listener wanting more.

Rediscovering this cover was the best thing that happened to me this week. Whitters is insanely talented, and this cover is no expectation.

Taking the leap to cover the great Chis Stapleton on this album let people know she was going to hang around and play….and it worked.

And the original:

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