Antonio Brown Kicked Out Of Dubai Hotel After Exposing Himself To A Woman In The Pool

Antonio Brown

Yeah, if you weren’t convinced that former star NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown has lost his damn mind yet, here’s yet another example.

We’re talking about a guy who is so egotistical that he couldn’t stay on a team for very long after his stint with the Pittsburgh Steelers, and when Tom Brady vouched for him to come to Tampa Bay, he proceeded to run off the field in the middle of their game against the New York Jets and call it quits.

Some say it’s the fame that’s gotten to his head, and others believe it was Vontaze Burfict’s brutal hit on Brown during a playoff game between the Bengals and Steelers, that knocked Brown unconscious and with a major concussion.

He seems like a prime candidate for severe CTE… he hasn’t been right in the head since.

Whatever the reason is, this is inexcusable.

Brown was seen in a hotel pool in Dubai, shoving his bare butt in a shocked woman’s face, throwing her around the pool, and then whipping his you know what out and pointing it in her direction.

According to the New York Post, the incident happened on May 14th but is just now being shown to the public.

You can see the shocked woman try to laugh it off, but quickly swims away after the move from Brown.

Eyewitnesses say that the woman had just met Brown, and she was royally pissed off after the crude actions of the 34-year-old.

Another video shows Brown trying to tie a scarf that he allegedly took from another swimmer around her head, but she takes it off.

He then lifts the woman up and tosses her head first into the water, and that’s when she swims away and gets out.

That’s when Brown lifts his junk out of the water, and points it in her direction while asking:

“You want it?”

Two other witnesses say that he continued to flaunt his private parts a number of times after the camera stopped rolling.

Sources also said the woman appeared to be visibly upset, as she was spotted inside the hotel complaining about the incident to others.

Brown was later asked to leave the hotel after the incident, according to a hotel staffer.

The hotel had already received a number of complaints about Brown’s antics, like breaking hotel dress code by walking around shirtless, and smoking what smelled like marijuana, which is against the law in Dubai.

Brown was in Dubai visiting his friend Floyd Mayweather Jr., watching him fight an exhibition in Abu Dhabi.

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