Security Guard Puts An Absolutely Devastating Tackle On Fan Who Ran Onto The Field During USC-UCLA Game

USC vs UCLA Security guard tackle

Does this guy have any eligibility left?

One of the best games of a wild day of college football yesterday was #7 USC vs. #16 UCLA, a cross-town rivalry that saw the Trojans keep their playoff hopes alive thanks to a late interception as the Bruins were driving down the field to potentially take the win. With a 48-45 USC victory and Tennessee’s shocking blowout loss to South Carolina, first year USC coach Lincoln Riley has the Trojans still in the hunt for the four-team playoff (though they’ll likely need some help getting there).

But despite all the action in the game, one of the best hits of the day came while the clock was stopped.

A fan ran onto the Rose Bowl field and appeared to have his cell phone out recording as he made his way down the sideline. But a security guard delivered an absolutely devastating tackle to take him down on the sideline.

Completely leveled the guy. A good, clean hit.

After the runner was knocked down he was quickly swarmed by security and escorted off the field.

Now we just need to see the video that the fan was taking on his cell phone. I want to see from his perspective if that hit was as brutal as it looked.

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