Illinois Amazon Delivery Driver Has A Helluva Time Trying To Keep Pet Chicken Inside A Garage

chicken amazon

I’ll go ahead and say it… chickens are of the devil.

Don’t get me wrong, they taste great and give you egss, but I’ll never forget being a young kid at the first house my family lived in, and running a couple of backyards over to my best friends house.

It wasn’t too difficult, just had to hop a few fences…

Except for one insane pet chicken a family kept in their backyard, that would always chase me around, peck at my heels, and fly at my face, the second I stepped foot into the yard. Five-year-old me felt like I was fighting for my life every time I ran through…

Needless to say, after that experience I am anti-pet chicken, because they can be an absolute nuisance to anybody and everybody.

And if you needed another example, I have one for you right here…

Here we have an Amazon delivery driver in Minooka, Illinois, simply doing his job. It appears that the owners of the home asked him to open the garage and place their delivery in there.

Seems simple, right?

However, what the owners probably failed to tell the driver is that they kept their pet chicken inside the garage.

Now this chicken isn’t an asshole. It looks like it’s just chillin’, livin’ life.

But the only problem is that the chicken didn’t wanna be in the garage at all, and the Amazon guy found himself having one helluva time trying to place the chicken back in the garage.

Seriously, every time he tried to step out and leave, the chicken would come running right back outside as he was trying to close the garage door.

Finally, the driver just said “Eff it” and threw the chicken inside as the garage door was halfway shut, and finally succeeded.

I mean sheesh, Bezos needs to give this guy a raise. This easily could’ve turned into a situation where the driver would have to chase the chicken around the house for an hour, setting him back.

Them pesky pet chickens, man.

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