Obnoxious Groom Gets Carried Down The Aisle In A Casket For Bizarre Wedding Stunt

wedding casket

Well, this is a first…

I can’t imagine some of the wild antics people have put together for weddings across the world. Of course, everybody wants to have the most memorable wedding imaginable, but I mean my God, walking (Or being carried) down the aisle in a coffin is some next level stuff.

The video footage of a groom being carried down the aisle in a casket was originally posted on TikTok, where you can see six attendees carrying the casket down the aisle.

Of course, the attendees had no idea who was in the casket, or even if there was actually a dead body in there, so I’m sure there was a little relief once they realized it was just the groom playing a prank.

It’s an obscure wedding stunt no doubt, and not gonna lie, if my buddy asked me to carry his ass down the aisle to all the way to the alter while he’s laying in a casket, I would’ve had to politely say:

“F*ck no.”

Even the people who are carrying the casket in the footage look like they didn’t want any part of it.

I mean what’s the purpose? A little bit of TikTok clout? Did the bride sign off on this? Where the hell did you get a casket?

I have so many questions…

Check it out:

@tobz88 Tell me you’re dramatic without telling me you’re dramatic. #wedding #walkingdowntheaisle #areyoukiddingme #getthefucouttahere #tildeathdouspart ♬ Rest In Peace – Dorothy

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