Morgan Wallen Teases Funny And Scathing New Breakup Song, “Hope That’s True”

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Morgan Wallen’s teasing more new stuff over on Instagram.

Just last week, he posted a demo of a song called “Me + All Your Reasons,” and now, he’s back with a clip of another new tune called “Hope That’s True.”

He previously said he’s been in “album grind mode” since his extensive Dangerous tour wrapped up recently, so it’s no secret that we likely have new music from the Tennessee native on the horizon for 2023.

“Hope That’s True” is a scathing (and hilarious) breakup song that finds Morgan in the wake of ending a relationship with a girl who told him he should have it his way… which, translation, means she definitely did not want him to have it his way.

Apparently, that meant things between them came to an end, and he’s clearly happier that she’s gone, saying his way “looks a whole lot better with just my truck in the driveway”:

“It’s been a week since you went and hit the highway
And made it clear that I oughta have it my way
My way looks a whole lot better with just my truck in the driveway

And I hope you find you a high rollin’ high rise view that you don’t get in the country
And I hope you find you a guy with some dollar sign eyes and a pocket full of money…
When you say that I ain’t ever gonna find nobody just like you 
I hope that’s true”

I mean, I had to laugh when I heard that chorus…

While the production isn’t quite my taste, and I definitely prefer Morgan’s voice with a much simpler, acoustic backing, the song itself is pretty solid.

And honestly, who hasn’t felt this exact way after a bad breakup?

Whatever Morgan’s teasing for the future, I’d love to get to hear this one in it’s entirety, because it’s already so damn funny:


He also just sent a brand new single to country radio, which is a beautiful tribute to his mom, Lesli, called “Thought You Should Know”:

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