Morgan Wallen Teases New Song “Me + All Your Reasons” In The Midst Of “Album Grind Mode”

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Morgan Wallen wants fans to know that he’s not playing around about new upcoming music.

On Saturday, Morgan released a teaser for one of his new unreleased tracks on Instagram titled, “Me + All Your Reasons.”

Following the completion of his Dangerous Tour, Morgan took to social media to tell everyone he was moving on to “album grind mode,” and this is our first sneak peak of his grind process.

The new song features the narrator reflecting on bad decisions from the past, including a long line of vices that seemed to fill a void after a breakup.

Morgan features a few turn-of-word lyrics that encapsulate the song because even though his lover thinks she left him all alone, he’s the farthest from alone; he’s stuck sitting around with “all her reasons.”

The song is a demo track with mostly lyrics and a working back beat, but if Morgan’s goal was to get fans excited about new music, this one does the trick.

Check out the full released lyrics and sound:

“Smoke on my clothes,
Liquor on my breath,
Devil on my shoulder,
Strangers in my bed,
Pills in my pocket,
Ashes on the floor,
These bad decisions keep on knocking on my door…”

And the chorus:

“I know you think you left me all alone,
I hate to say you couldn’t be more wrong,
Got Copenhagen, Whiskey straight,
Empty bottle, promise breakin,’
By the way let you down, down,
I went around, came back ‘round,
The Sunday morning still asleep,
Traded angels for my demons,
I ain’t lonely since you’re leaving,
I got me and all your reasons…”

Stay tuned…

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