Nicholas Jamerson Previews Upcoming Solo Album ‘Peace Mountain,’ With Title Track Featuring Charles Wesley Godwin

Nicholas Jamerson

The best country music is coming from the heart of Appalachia right now… undisputed.

If you’re a loyal Whiskey Riffer, you already know that. And if you’re a loyal Whiskey Riffer, then there’s a good chance that you’ve jammed to Sundy Best a time or 10 in your life.

One of the best (and most underrated) duos in the game, the Kentucky natives Nicholas Jamerson and Kris Bentley had one helluva run there for a while, calling it quits in 2018 before reuniting once more at the end of 2020. The duo has an album on the way next spring, Feel Good Country due out on March 3rd.

But it gets even better…

Lead singer Nicholas Jamerson is also gearing up to release a solo project next spring, Peace Mountain, with the title track featuring Charles Wesley Godwin.

Jamerson has officially confirmed the news, noting that Peace Mountain is in the works and set for release in May. The aforementioned title track is dropping this Friday, right behind his latest single “Lexington” that he dropped last month.

Jamerson expressed his excitement for the new record:

“’Peace Mountain’ is the follow up record to ‘The Wild Frontier.’ ‘The Wild Frontier’ was about finding faith, whereas ‘Peace Mountain’ is about practicing faith and making peace with life, trusting work that has been done, and enjoying the process.

I wanted to work with both new and old collaborators to expand my circles, forge new friendships, and nurture old ones. The title track was written with Kentucky songwriter Don Rogers and performed with Charles Wesley Godwin. I wrote the chorus and melody after a trip to Davis, WV where I passed a road named Peace Mountain.

I shared the chorus idea with Don, and he quickly shared two verses that fit great. Charles, being a WV guy, was the perfect feature with his haunting vocals. A song about a family’s immigration to the Appalachian mountains looking for a new way of life that includes hard work, virtue and the occasional nip of communal white lightning.”

This is gonna be a good’n.

And we have your exclusive first listen to the title track, “Peace Mountain,” featuring Charles Wesley Godwin

Peace Mountain Tracklist:

1. Introduction
2. Bad Imagination
3. Billy Graham Parkway
4. Holler Child
5. Hang On
6. Lexington
7. Watching The Fire Burn
8. I Love Blue
9. Goin World Wide
10. Wild Nights, Weird Mornings
11. Strangers
12. Do you ever think of what you could do?
13. Mr. Buzzard
14. Wild One
15. Bad News
16. This Ain’t Supposed To Happen In Our Town
17. Kitchen Table Prophecy
18. Peace Mountain

And also make sure to check out Jamerson’s previously released single, “Lexington.”

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