Lainey Wilson Crushes An Acoustic, Fireside Rendition Of Current Single “Heart Like A Truck”

Lainey Wilson country music

Lainey Wilson is gearing up to make her official acting debut on Season 5 of Yellowstone THIS Sunday.

On top of that, she just put out her fourth studio album Bell Bottom Country a couple weeks ago, which has her signature, self-described “country with a flare” sound on full display.

And in honor of the occasion, she stopped by for a feature on CMT’s Campfire Sessions to play a few acoustic versions of some of her new songs.

Y’all should know by now that I truly believe that any stripped down, raw version of a song in its purest form is the best version, and Lainey certainly makes making that case pretty damn easy here.

She opened with her current single at country radio “Heart Like A Truck,” which she says is about facing the tough times and coming out stronger, with a few scars as proof that only add character to who you are:

“This song right here is called ‘Heart Like A Truck.’ I wrote this song for anybody and everybody who’s been through heartbreak, hard times, hard luck.

You name it, we have all been there. But it’s about not being afraid and ashamed of the scratches and the dents and the bumps along the way.

And instead be proud of it, ‘cuz that’s exactly what makes you who you are.”

Lainey also delivered a perfect performance of “Things A Man Oughta Know” and “Watermelon Moonshine,” which is one of the tracks that will be featured on Yellowstone this season.

I mean, Lainey could sing the phone book and make it sound like a #1 hit, and I think that’s pretty obvious in these short 12 minutes of pure and simple country music.

She’s a superstar and one of the best in the business right now, there’s no doubt about that:

Yellowstone Season 5 premiere Sunday, November 13th, only on Paramount Network, so make sure you’re ready and check out the official trailer because we’re (finally) almost to premiere day:

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