5 Grizzly Bears Come Barreling Towards A Pair Of Hunters

Bear run

Well, that’s the last thing you want to ever happen when you’re out in the woods.

I mean, most people aren’t to fond of a singular bear charging at them, let alone FIVE heading in your direction.

Grizzlies can weigh upwards of 700-pounds and are absolute killers, with a keen sense of smell, jaw-dropping speed, and fantastic hunting abilities.

This video shows a mature male grizzly begins to chase of four other grizzly bears from his territory. Hunters are watching from an above hill as the action starts.

The male grizz approaches from the far side and one of the hunters fears they will get pushed towards them.

He is correct. The five grizzly bears begin to charge uphill straight towards the hunters and an alarming speed. The big boar is chasing the sow and her cubs, and then there is another younger, smaller boar in the mix as well.

Pack ‘er in now, five grizzlies sounds like game over to me.

The hunters scream and shout trying to scare the bears off before they reach them but they keep charging away from the large male.

They get their guns ready but are able to get out of the bear’s run line, and the bears head off up past them. They actually ran right through were they had previously been standing though.

The hunters laugh about it as their trying to grasp what just happened, and eventually continue their hunt despite the shocking situation they just had.

The fellas end up coming away with a smasher of a black bear.

Helluva trip.


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