Drone Captures Footage Of An Eagle Attack, Sends It Spiraling To The Ground

eagle drone

That’s a good way to ruin a fellas day.

Drones are fun and useful tool for all outdoors enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking for some good footage, photography or scouting for hunting and fishing spots, there’s use for them.

As technology advances, better quality drones for cheaper prices are hitting the market every day.

But, there are risks to it. Even though you can get better ones for a cheaper price, it still costs a fair penny to get one that works well. No one wants to see an easy grand go down the toilet in the matter of seconds… but it happens.

I’ve seen many people lose their drones to lakes, rivers and all sorts of waterbodies.

And most people who fly drones around fairly often have had some sort of encounter with a bird as well.

When there’s something similar in size flying around, you can’t blame the birds for coming to check out the mystery object that is buzzing around their territory.

This man got the worst of both worlds when he was flying his drone on this day.

And the drone captured footage of its own demise.

Eagles don’t like any threats or competition and due to their large size they typically let whatever that is know they are not wanted.

This just so happened to be this drone as the eagle swoops in and nails the drone, sending it spiraling to the ground.

All we can do is hope it didn’t cause to much damage, but lesson learned… this eagle owns these skies.

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