Kip Moore Plays Unreleased New Song “Guitar Slinger,” Potentially From His Next Studio Album

Kip Moore playing a guitar
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I feel like I’ve been waiting forever and a day for Kip Moore to officially announce his next record.

Though there still isn’t any real timeline on when we might be able to expect a new project from the Georgia native, he said the album was done months ago, and then noted more recently that he stumbled on another song or two he wanted to include on the final tracklist and had to go back into the studio.

Kip released the the longtime fan-favorite “Crazy One More Time” as the lead single to the aforementioned (unnamed) album back in January (which has unfortunately since stalled out at country radio), in addition to dropping “Fire on Wheels” in June.

He also put out a song called “If I Was Your Lover,” that later became a duet with Morgan Wade, in August.

He did previously confirm that there would be 13 brand new songs we’ve never heard before on the tracklist (including a duet with Ashley McBryde), though it’s likely that number has changed some, give or take, since he said that back in May.

Earlier this year, it sounded like he was going to put out his fifth studio album out sometime in 2022, but it’s likely going to be in early 2023 if we’re lucky.

Kip has been out on the road on his headlining Fire on Wheels tour this fall, though, and actually debuted a brand new tune in Baltimore, Maryland last month called “Guitar Slinger.”

The first part of what he said about the new tune is cut off in the video, but right before he debuted it with his band, you can hear him say:

“Fuck it, let’s try it.”

I have to say, I know this is an unreleased song and not the best audio quality ever, but I think this is my favorite one I’ve heard out of the new singles he’s put out this year… even though all of those were official studio cuts that have all the bells and whistles in terms of a slick production.

Who knows if “Guitar Slinger” is going to make the final tracklist for KM5, because he also mentioned putting out a few more stand alone singles before this year is up that won’t be part of any project, but I hope we get a studio version at some point soon.

I mean, I really don’t know how much longer I can wait for this new music…

“If I Was Your Lover”

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