Kip Moore And Morgan Wade Release Official Duet Of “If I Was Your Lover”

Kip Moore Morgan Wade country music

Talk about a match made in country music Heaven.

Kip Moore and Morgan Wade finally teamed up for the duet we’ve all been waiting for on “If I Was Your Lover.”

In August, they had fans in a frenzy, as they hinted that a collaboration was on the way in the form of a duet.

Ultimately, though, Morgan was just Kip’s music video co-star for his most recent single, and her vocals were not featured at all on the actual song.

And I’m not gonna lie… I was pretty disappointed, because it is, quite literally, my dream collaboration.

But today, they released a little surprise for the fans, putting out the official duet that features Morgan Wade’s absolutely stunning and perfect vocals.

She only sings a few verses, but Lord knows she makes them count. There’s just simply no universe in which she’s featured on any song and it doesn’t instantly become better.

And now that we’ve had just a taste of this duo, I already want so much more of them collaborating on music in the future:

Here’s their previously released music video for Kip’s solo version of the song:

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