Russell Wilson Is Once Again The Laughing Stock Of The NFL After Another Cringey Subway Commercial

Russ wilson

Somebody stop this man, for the love of God.

I can’t defend Russell Wilson anymore. I simply can’t.

Anybody with eyes knows that the now Denver Broncos quarterback has one of the corniest and most cringey personalities in not only the NFL, but maybe all of pro sports.

I used to be able to look past it, because I’ve always thought of Wilson as one of the good guys in the NFL, and has good intentions with everything he does.

However, after that God awful Subway commercial for his signature “Dangerwich” that resurfaced recently, where he literally sounds like a serial killer having a final conversation with one of his victims, I’m fully convinced that there just might be bodies buried in his backyard.

Just see for yourself, if you dare:

I hoped and prayed it would all stop there, but nope. The man is back at it again, and this one may be even worse than the last.

In this commercial, he’s literally dressed like a serial killer.

I’m talking about the black leather jacket, a beanie, and aviator sunglasses and gloves, everything that screams:

“I kill people.”

Once again, it sounds like he’s having another terrifying conversation with one of his victims, and now it’s officially official…

I’m no longer a Russell Wilson stan.

AND… his performance has been God-awful on the field this year. Maybe go back to working on football and stop doing these cheesy-ass commercials for the shittiest sandwich chain in America.

And of course, I’m not the only one who sees it…

Numbers don’t lie…

And then just for fun… this one:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock