Arby’s Launches Barbecue-Inspired Smoked Bourbon & It Sounds Kind Of Awesome

Arby's Bourbon

Arby’s is back at it again…

We all know the fast food chain for their roast beef sandwiches, and curly fries.

However, here recently, Arby’s has been trying to cater to a whole different market…

And we’re talking about the market of people who love both Arby’s, and getting absolutely rip-shit drunk.

In November of last year, the chain came completely out of left field and unveiled their limited-edition, curly fry flavored vodka, which caught us all off guard.

I assumed it was just an experiment, or a fad, considering everybody and their brother was trying to make their own type of alcohol in 2021.

Except, here we are again, as they’ve unveiled their brand new barbecue flavored booze, called Arby’s Smoked Bourbon.

And I have to admit, this one seems a little more on-brand.

The chain has partnered up with Brain Brew, an Ohio-based distillery, to re-create the taste of a smoked barbecue sandwich in alcohol form, set at 45% ABV.

The majority of the flavoring comes from hickory, mesquite, and pecan smoke, according to Forbes.

Arby’s president Jim Taylor weighed in on the latest project:

“After our successful vodka launch last year, we knew we wanted to release another unexpected liquor that our fans of legal drinking age can responsibly pair with our menu items.

Arby’s smoked meats are the cornerstone of our brand, so why not use our expertise to create a delicious smoked bourbon that complements the flavors and enhances the experience of enjoying our Smokehouse Sandwiches?”

Brain Brew CEO and co-founder Doug Hall also weighed in on the partnership:

“We were thrilled to partner with Arby’s to craft Arby’s Smoked Bourbon.

We take pride in the hours of research, detail and innovation that goes into creating custom bottles of bourbon for our collaboration partners as well as consumers and enjoyed recreating one of Arby’s signature flavor profiles using the same smoked woods that they use at Sadler’s Smokehouse.”

Arby’s Smoked Bourbon will be available tomorrow, October 19th, and can be found in California, Florida, Kentucky, New Hampshire, New York, and Washington DC.

Needless to say, this one will be interesting… but hell, I’ll try anything once… or twice.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock