Arby’s Unveils Limited-Edition Curly Fry Flavored Vodka Because Life Just Isn’t Weird Enough

Arbys vodka

My disclaimer before this post begins.

I am an Arby’s stan.

The roast beef is top tier, and the curly fries are 100% a gift from the Heavens. It’s hands down the most underrated fast food restaurant there is. Don’t @ me, don’t email, stay outta my DMs, you will not change my mind.

However, does this mean I want my vodka tasting like curly fries?

HAIL no.

But lo and behold, Arby’s has officially announced the release of their “Crinkle Cut” and “Curly Fry” flavored vodka.

No, no… this is not April Fool’s. That was months ago.

According to their website, the 80-proof vodka will be dropping on November 18th, with a starting price of $59.99.

I’m not even gonna attempt to fathom why they think this is a good idea, so let me just ask a few questions.

Curly fries are great, why even fuck with a crinkle cut flavor? What’s exciting about that?

Why does it cost $60 friggin’ dollars?

Is it potato vodka?

I don’t know… I just have too many questions…

That being said, I’ve never turned down free booze so get at me Arby’s and I’ll write a review.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock