49 Winchester Brings A Little Appalachia To Late Night TV Debut, Performs “Russell County Line” On ‘The Late Show’

49 Winchester country music

How damn good are the guys from 49 Winchester?

Hailing from Castlewood in Russell County, Virginia they’re quickly making a name for themselves as one of the hottest bands to come out of Appalachia in recent memory.

And that’s saying a lot, because some of the best country music in the genre is coming out of those hills and hollers right now.

They stopped by the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to make their late night TV debut yesterday, singing “Russell County Line” from their recent studio album Fortune Favors The Bold, for viewers all over the country.

The song itself finds frontman Isaac Gibson missing his hometown, and the lady he loves, while out on the road, and he always delivers it with such sincerity and authenticity that I don’t know how anyone couldn’t love every single note.

As a whole, 49 Winchester has a really neat blend of what they describe as “Appalachian Soul,” which is a beautiful and unique mixture of southern rock, folk, roots rock, country that you can’t quite compare to anyone else in the genre.

A huge congrats to the Virginia boys on another huge milestone in their career, as they also recently made their debut at the Grand Ole Opry. They’ve been touring their asses off for years, building a solid fan base the right way and earning every single good thing that’s been coming their way lately.

This is all just the beginning for them, too, and I couldn’t be more excited to see them on the national stage with a bright spotlight on music that truly deserves to be heard:

“Russell County Line”

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