Twitter Goes Off On Tampa Mayor Jane Castor After Tone Deaf Tweet About The Buccaneers Game In Wake Of Hurricane Ian

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that Hurricane Ian is creating a ton of devastation across the state of Florida.

We’ve seen catfish popping up in people’s yards, sharks swimming in the streets, Jim Cantore from The Weather Channel nearly get struck by lightning and then later getting smacked by a tree branch, homes being swept away, an elderly man having to get rescued from his car that’s nearly engulfed by flood waters, and also, a news reporter using a condom on her microphone.

It’s wild times, and from the outside looking in, it feels like the Twilight Zone.

The whole state of Florida is getting hammered right now by the category four hurricane, and Tampa in particular.

People’s homes are either getting incredibly damaged, or lost. Not to mention, there is a large number of feared casualties which can only be confirmed once recovery begins.

And way you slice it, it’s heartbreaking for the people of Florida.

However, it appears that one important figure in the city of Tampa isn’t taking the situation as seriously as she should, and it’s the mayor, Jane Castor.

She sent out a brief empathetic tweet earlier today:

“We made it through… now the recovery efforts begin. I can’t thank our city of Tampa teams enough. Our push crews are going out in full force to clear debris and keep our city safe.”

And what did she follow that tweet up with? This one:

“On another note: we’re doing our best to keep the Buccaneers game here Sunday. I have assured the NFL that the only disturbance here Sunday is when the Bucs kick ass.”

Yeah, as you can imagine, that one didn’t go over too well with Floridians…

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