Man Saves Cat Stuck On AC Unit In The Midst Of Hurricane Ian’s Raging Storm Waters

hurricane cat

Even in the midst of chaos, the best in people shines brightest.

As you’ve probably heard by now, the west coast of Florida is currently getting hammered by Hurricane Ian and some of the scenes are absolutely insane.

Like this view of the storm surge in Fort Myers…


The waters of Tampa Bay have also completely receded, turning what is typically relatively deep waters into an eerie, boggish plain.

Add in sharks swimming in the streets and weathermen getting smacked by branches and you start getting the picture… it isn’t great.

But not everything happening down there is bad, like this awesome video of a guy risking it all to save a cat that was stuck on top of an AC Unit.

Not only is the storm water raging and could drag him to God knows where, but picking up a terrified cat? Putting your arms, face and eyes in some real danger for the greater good.

Fortunately, the cat fell right into his arms and the guy got out of it with a new best friend and a hell of a story to tell.

Big ups to this guy and lots of prayers to everyone down there, especially my friends. Stay strong and stay safe, guys.

Maybe moving out of Tampa just a month ago wasn’t the worst thing…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock