Weather Channel Vet Jim Cantore Nearly Gets Struck By Lightning, Hit By Tree Branch Reporting In Hurricane Ian

weather man

This is a nightmare.

If you haven’t heard yet, Hurricane Ian has touched down in Florida as a category four, and it’s going to be a tough few days for Floridians.

I think my biggest childhood fear was playing golf, and getting caught in the middle of one of those summertime pop up thunderstorms.

You know, because I had 14 golf clubs in my golf bag that easily double as lightning rods, and there’s nowhere to hide except under a tree, which is also a lightning rod.

Not much of a comparison to living through a hurricane, but nevertheless, I feel for my guy Jim Cantore, correspondent for the Weather Channel who is currently down in Punta Gorda, Florida as things start to get bad.

Jim has quite the reputation for braving the nastiest of weather, almost to the point where it’s part of his schtick. Like, if he isn’t out there dodging tree branches, why are we even watching?

During one of his updates today, you can see him having a hard time standing up as the high wind speeds push him back, and he’s wearing a baseball helmet for protection from any rogue objects flying around.

Everything seems to be going alright, until you hear a MAJOR crack of thunder, and a dim light flicker.

It was enough to stop Cantore in his tracks, and pace around in circles.

You can tell he was pretty shaken up…

And to make matters worse, he was hit by a flying branch only a brief time after the close call with lightning.

Whatever they’re paying this guy, it ain’t enough…

Be safe down there, Jim.

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