Sharks Spotted Swimming Through Fort Myers Neighborhood As Hurricane Ian Makes Landfall In Florida

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First and foremost, we hope everyone in the path of Hurricane Ian in Florida and beyond is staying safe during this dangerous storm.

The category four Hurricane just made landfall in the Sunshine State, and so far, has already dumped an exorbitant amount of rain onto towns through the Gulf side of Florida, along with bringing wind gusts over 100 miles per hour.

Meteorologist Mike Bettes from the Weather Channel shared this view of the storm surge that is already wreaking havoc in Fort Myers, which comes from a camera that os placed six feet off the ground on Estero Boulevard in Fort Myers Beach:

Very scary stuff, indeed.

And California weatherman Colin McCarthy shared a video from Fort Myers resident Brad Habuda, who got a video of sharks swimming down the street of a Fort Myers neighborhood.

The downtown district of Fort Myers is located on the Caloosahatchee River, not too far from the Gulf, and because of the surge from this storm and where it first hit Florida, has already caused crazy flooding and carried in creatures from the ocean.

You can see at least two sharks swimming around what is normally a road through the neighborhood, which is pretty wild to see, especially considering what the street probably looked like just 24 hours ago:

Of course, if you’re anywhere near the path of this storm, make sure you follow your local news outlets and town officials for reports and up-to-date information on everything going on with the dangerous storm.

And really… have we not figured out a better way to do this by now? These reporters deserve a massive raise…

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Florida Legend Hurricane Legend Is BACK

Not the hero we want, the HERO WE NEED.

We all know that this could be an extremely difficult weekend for the residents of Florida, as category 4 (nearly category 5) Hurricane Ian has made landfall in the Sunshine State.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everybody in the state of Florida, and hope that there’s as minimal damage as possible considering the situation, whether you have decided to stay and weather the storm or evacuate.

But speaking of weathering the storm, the unsung hero is BACK.

We’re talking about Lane Pittman, the Jacksonville, Florida native who is notorious for showing up in the middle of a hurricane, shirtless, holding an American flag, long hair flowing as he withstands the insane wind and rain cranking metal music.

You probably know the name, because he’s been doing it since 2016.

We’re talking about the red-haired king who stood outside his home in Neptune, Florida, carrying the American flag and head banging to some death metal while taking on the ferocious winds of Hurricane Matthew five years ago. Lane also took on Hurricane Dorian, Hurricane Laura, Hurricane Irma, and Hurricane Florence.

He also got arrested for shredding the Star Spangled Banner during the Fourth of July, but that’s another story…

He just posted yet another iconic clip of him rising among a sand dune, once again with his legendary locks, headbanging to Pantera’s “Revolution Is My Name,” waving the American flag. Needless to say, Hurricane Ian has been warned.

From Venice, Florida, Pittman shared the pic via Twitter, with a caption that reads:

“WHAT IS MY NAME IAN? WHAT IS MY NAME?! Pantera is back and so am I!! Florida Man is here for you!!!”

Absolute legend.

And of course, a look back at some of Lane’s best work.

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Florence

Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Irma

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