McKamey Manor: The Tennessee Haunted House So Terrifying, You Have To Sign A 40-Page Waiver

Mckamey Manor
McKamey Manor

Yep, that’s a big no for me.

There’s always been one bright spot that keeps me going back to haunted houses a few beers deep with some buddies this time of year with Halloween right around the corner, and it’s the fact that the actors inside can’t touch you, or do anything to harm you physically.

Knowing that, it’s always a good ass time, and you and your best friends can just torch each other for nearly having a heart attack after some meth head in a Michael Myers costume scared the ever livin’ hell out of you.

But this place right here?

This is enough to not only possibly hurt you, but maybe even send you to the psych ward.

The twisted brainchild of Navy vet Russ McKamey, McKamey Manor in Summertown, TN and Huntsville, AL is likely the scariest haunted house on planet Earth. Just how scary is it?

Scary as a MF’er.

In fact, some people have dubbed it a real life torture chamber that shouldn’t even be in business.

Why? Well take a look at some requirements that you need to pass the screening process:

– they make you sign a 40, FORTY, page waiver.

– you must be 21 and above, or 18-20 with parents approval.

– you must get a “Sports Physical” and doctor’s letter stating you are physically and mentally cleared.

– pass a background check.

– pass a screening via Facebook face time or phone.

– have roof of medical insurance.

– and finally pass a portable drug test on the day of the “tour.”

Once you schedule your trauma-inducing experience, you’ll partake in the horror fest that takes over 10 hours… and maybe even longer. Who really knows if there is an end. IF you complete the journey (and follow the rules they lay out such as no cursing, drinking, smoking, running, eating, or touching the actors or props), you can win $20,000.

However, fair warning… NOBODY has ever finished.

Their website gives you all the info you need, and even itself looks outta control and scary, but somehow, more than 20,000 people have applied to participate. Granted, it doesn’t cost anything more than a 50-pound bag of dog food (weird) to enter.

According to Nashville Scene, the house can shave your head or eyebrows, inject you with hallucinogens, make you eat bugs, snap you with a mousetrap, wrap plastic wrap around your face, whip you, taze you, bury you alive… and that’s just the beginning.

So while so claim they were scarred for life by the experience, others have tried to complete the challenge more than once. And since Russ films the entire encounter, there is tons of footage available detailing what you can expect.

There is a massive petition to have the place shut down. Some have claimed they left with broken bones, bruises, were waterboarded and that founder Russ McKamey and company don’t adhere to the proposed safe word in a timely fashion.

However, despite opposition… to appears to still be up and running.

Here’s the original trailer that put McKamey Manor on the  map.

Here’s a video from 2015, going behind the scenes with owner/creator Russ McKamey.

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