Garth Brooks Used To Be A Javelin Thower And Bouncer In College, Says He Would Just “Dance With Every Beautiful Woman In The Place” Instead Of Working

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If you need further proof that Garth Brooks may not actually be a real person… here it is.

He made an appearance on the first episode of Season 4 of The Kelly Clarkson show this week, where host and fellow artist Kelly Clarkson was thrilled to have him on, as he talked about his new project The Anthology, Part II: The Next Five Years, in addition to detailing the stories behind some of his biggest hits.

He also took a few fan questions that were submitted via video, where one guy in particular wanted to know about Garth’s years being a bouncer at a bar in his college town of Stillwater, Oklahoma at Oklahoma State University.

And right off the bat as he’s answering the question, Garth hits us with the fact that he used to be a javelin thrower back in the day:

“So I wore a college uniform, athletics, right? So I was a javelin thrower.

So you got to hang out with all the wrestlers and football players. First two years, freshman and sophomore year, you had to catch it.

If you survived that, then you get to throw it. Javelin jokes.. anyway, I’ll get to the point. Thank you.”

I think that might just be the funniest thing I’ve heard all week…

No disrespect to javelin throwers at all, but that’s the most Garth Brooks thing I can ever imagine, and coupled with the supreme javelin jokes there at the end that had Kelly wiping away tears… it’s just a top tier Garth moment.

And he added that, while on the job as a bouncer, he would often slack off and find some pretty ladies to dance with “while all the big boys did the work”:

“That kid, you could even tell on the thing, that kid’s tall, he’s got reach, right?

I pretty much just danced with every beautiful woman in the place while all the big boys did the work. But it was fun, you got to wear the badge and all that stuff.”

Garth Brooks: bona fide ladies man.


You can watch more of his interview with Kelly here:

Kelly put on a show-stopping performance of Garth Brooks’ classic, #1 hit “The Dance” in honor of him joining the 43rd class of the Kennedy Center Honors back in June of 2021, and of course, it had the waterworks flowing from G:

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