Remember When Alan Jackson & Jeff Foxworthy Teamed Up For “Redneck Games”?

Alan Jackson country music

Since I was born in ’98 and never got to truly experience how great the ’90s were, but this is how I choose to believe the 1996 Summer Olympics went down in Atlanta, Georgia.

I perfectly envision the events to have been held like it was a Friday night homecoming football game in a small town, with Russian first president Boris Yeltsin curled up in the armadillo position and shaking his head and thinking to himself:

“What in the bumfuck hillbilly nonsense is this?”

Everything is perfect about this video, even the painful accuracy of the country folk that live down here in the southeast.

From the overalls, to trucker hats, the phrases, and everything, it’s the stereotypes that we love to see.

I gotta admit, Jeff Foxworthy was an absolute genius for this one, bringing in the great Alan Jackson along for a kickass video featuring arguably the greatest comedian and greatest country artist to ever come out of the state of Georgia.

And when Foxworthy says:

“We are not gonna have a flame that big without a pig on it I guarantee ya.”


“Some fat guy sayin’ ‘That’s some dang good barbecue up atop them stairs right’chere, ain’t got no hand rail be careful.'”

Also, throw in Alan Jackson rockin’ the mustache, mullet, and cut off t-shirt? This is redneck country music at its finest right here.

Check it out, you won’t regret it:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock